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This discussion paper has been developed to support discussion and reflection on gender equality in Australia to inform the Strategy. It is designed as a standalone document to inform you on the current situation of gender equality in Australia on a general level. You may like to read additional strategy consultation summaries from Phase One Consultations, to see what issues have been raised by previous consultations.

You can use this paper to have discussions within your organisation, workplace, sporting organisation, home, school or with your networks. There are prompts embedded across the paper to help guide your discussion and any response you may wish to make. You can chose where to focus your discussion – you might like to concentrate on the vision for a gender equal Australia or you might like to engage with some or all of the issues explore in section 4: The current state of gender equality in Australia – it’s up to you.

Organisations or groups wishing to respond to this paper can do so using the online form for organisations. Individuals are encouraged to complete the online survey.

The paper draws on a range of resources. If you would like to do further reading, you may like to start with these resources, especially the October 2022-23 Women’s Budget Statement. You can find out more about the strategy.

This paper discusses issues which may be distressing. A list of support services is included on the More information and accessing support page.

Should you have further questions, please email