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National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality Discussion Paper Easy Read summary

About this booklet

This booklet is from the Office for Women, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

This booklet is written in a way that is easy to understand.

You can read more information about this topic on our website at National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality

We add a star before and after *hard words*.

Then we explain what the words mean.

You can ask someone to help you read and understand this booklet.

Contact information is at the end of this booklet.

What is the National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality?

We are writing a *Strategy* to achieve *gender equality* in Australia.

Strategy means steps to make a plan happen.

Gender equality means people of all genders have

  • equal *rights*
  • equal *responsibilities*
  • equal *opportunities*.

Rights are things people should get, have and do.

Responsibilities are things people must do.

Opportunities are things people can achieve.

We want Australia to be a leader in gender equality.

Gender equality is good for everyone.

Our Strategy will help us to focus on what we must do to reach our goals.

The Strategy will be for everyone, including

  • women
  • men
  • *non binary* people.

Non binary means genders that are not only female or male.

When we write the Strategy we will think about different experiences of women, men and non binary people.

No one has the exact same experience of *gender inequality*.

Gender inequality means people are not treated fairly because of their gender.

Sometimes gender inequality happens because of gender and other things.

For example, a person’s

  • race
  • religion
  • sexuality
  • disability
  • age
  • education.

Your ideas

We want to hear your ideas about the Strategy.

We want to know what is important about gender equality.

For example

  • What would it mean to have gender equality in Australia?
  • How would gender equality in Australia be good for you, people you know and the community?
  • What stops Australia from having gender equality?
  • Who should make gender equality happen?
    • for example, governments, businesses, community.
  • How will we check that we are reaching our goals?
  • How can the Strategy make good changes for the future?

How to share your ideas

You can share your ideas from 8 March 2023.

Visit our website Consultation on the National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality

You can do our *survey*.

A survey is a list of questions.

You can get someone to help you.

For example, a friend, family member or support worker.

Your ideas will help us to make a good Strategy.

Why is gender equality important?

We must stop *gender norms* that hurt us

Gender norms mean some people think men and women have different roles.

For example, men work and women care for children.

We can change gender norms with good government policies.

For example, paid parent leave and giving people choices about how they want to work.

Women in Australia should not have big money problems if they stop work to care for children.

Some jobs are mainly done by women.

For example, caring for older people.

Women must be supported to work

We must stop the *gender pay gap*.

The gender pay gap is the difference between the average pay for men and women.

The national gender pay gap is about 13 per cent or $254 per week.

Women get paid less even though many have a good education.

Women do not have the right support to work more.

For example, women are more likely to do part time and casual jobs while caring for family.

These jobs might only be for a short time and have lower pay.

When women work more it is good for everyone in Australia.

Women and girls must be safe

Many women and girls in Australia are not safe.

*Violence* against women and girls is not ok.

Violence means a person hurts someone else.

Violence can happen because of

  • gender inequality
  • women having less power.

We cannot have gender equality until women and girls are safe.

We must have good health services

When we have good health services, it is good for everyone in Australia.

*Research* shows problems with health services can cause bad health in women.

Research means studies to learn more about something.

Some groups of people find it harder than others to get the right health care.

For example, First Nations women and girls.

We must have more women leaders

Men are leaders in lots of workplaces across Australia – especially in jobs like mining and building.

We must have more women leaders in different workplaces.

More information

For more information contact the Office for Women.

Website National Strategy to Achieve Gender Equality


National Relay Service

If you need help to hear or speak

Call 1300 555 727

Website National Relay Service

If reading about gender inequality is hard and you want support, contact these services.


Call 1800 737 732

Website; 1800RESPECT


Call 13 11& 14

Website Lifeline

Beyond Blue

Call 1300 224 636

Website Beyond Blue

MensLine Australia

Call 1300 78 99 78

Website MensLine Australia


Call 1800 184 527

Website QLife


Call 13 92 76

Website 13YARN


Call 1300 554 660

Website Arafmi


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